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Translating German into English - with specialist expertise in business English - Ramsey Languages is also here to facilitate all your Anglo-German relations through its corporate liaison services. Find out more on this page, and if you want to talk, call us on +44 (0)1673 844143, anytime.

Translation Service

Mother Tongue Translation

All translations into English are by native English speakers. All translations into German are by native German speakers.

Translation Specialists

Highly experienced in TRADOS and ACROSS translation software, we're also ready to work on files with Translation Memories (or TM).

Localisation Service

Translating into British or American English using people that have lived in those countries for several years, our localisation skills deliver an authentic, natural tone.

Translating Marketing Material

Translating German copywriting? Need your English translation to be exciting as well as correct? Our affiliate copywriters are on-hand to take what's accurate and add some sparkle.

Liason Services

German Corporate Concierge

Taking a party to Germany or playing host to German visitors? Employ our German Specialist to delight those VIPs from first impression onwards. On-hand to play host, interpret, assist and navigate to encompass driving in Germany or the UK

German – English
Consecutive Interpreter

Experts at translating consecutively with those nuances kept intact, you won't notice us but you will notice your conversation flows freely.

Bilingual Management

Mergers and acquisitions... branching out into Germany... if your future involves Deutschland, speak to us first. With our people translating key documents and attending vital meetings as interpreters, things will get moving fast, and in completely the right direction.

Why we are the German specialists

Translation Qualifications
& Experience

15 years' experience, translating German into English since 1998. MA MCIL – Member of the Institute of Linguistics.

Business, Academic,
Financial, Legal...

A typical week at Ramsey Languages includes the translation from German to English of:

  • Scientific reports for an academic association
  • Financial translation, including terms & conditions and annual reports for international banks
  • Policy documents for insurance companies
  • Legal translations, including court rulings and injunctions for lawyers
  • Contracts for theatrical companies
  • Translating M&A documents for blue chip companies
  • Website copy for automotive giants such as BMW, Volkswagen and MAN
  • Research papers for pharmaceutical companies


All text you supply to be translated and any conversations we are privy to during interpretation are guaranteed to be confidential. We regularly sign confidentially agreements... and translate them!

Translation Consistency
& Quality

We use the same translator for all your jobs (unless the volume and urgency is great) and make full use of all Translator Glossaries. We also utilise the translation memories of CAT programmes like TRADOS and ACROSS for consistency within a translation and across a group of translations. And, just before it reaches you, every translation is independently proof read.

Translators Always Available

Contact us anytime, 24/7. With clients in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, America and Hong Kong we are accustomed to working for clients in dramatically different time zones. The number's +44 (0)1673 844143.

Fast Turnaround of
Your Translation

We can handle 6000 words a day - a surprisingly big capacity for a small organisation - so we're very quick. Put us to the test.

Very Affordable Translation

We don't outsource, so there's no mark-up, meaning our prices are refreshingly reasonable – click through to our Quick Quote Form to find out exactly how reasonable!

Adam Ramsey:

Translating German
into English

Our principle translator, and owner of Ramsey Languages, Adam has studied German at BA, MA and PHD level. He's also taught German to undergraduates at the University of Minnesota as part of his PHD scholarship.

Adam has lived, studied and worked extensively in America, Germany, Austria and England, giving him a natural affinity with German, British and American culture. Now in his 15th year of translation work, Adam is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Linguistics (CIoL).

Call him on +44 (0)1673 844143, or give him your details using our contact form and he'll call you. Alternatively, you can use our Quick Quote Form for an instant price now.

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